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Come To Glitter Creations, And Let's Get It Done. 

lalit & namrata 


Namastey & Welcome 
to Glitter Creations Biz 

Who doesn't like to have a makeover?

Everybody needs a change. That is why we are excited to think, act & create the image. 

We have exchanged gifts for customs and traditions while in India. I am a people person with a can do attitude. Being creative I remember making 'Gift trays' then and with a family tradition and a hobby I made gift wraps, decorative envelopes, and cards. 

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make things happen".  

I got married and have migrated to New Zealand in the year 2000. My husband & I were a working couple with the busy schedule.   We had growing family & jobs were not easy to come. Incidentally, I had suffered a stroke in 2007 & had to quit working.  I took a position as a housewife & did rehabilitation exercise, did house chores & learnt painting as an art.  And, I  thought Why I don't put my ideas and creativity at work too?  In the year 2017, I started to open a small business an online store  "Glitter Creations Biz". Now though I don't have a shop of my own, I take orders by phone and hold a stall as well. This idea was rejuvenating not only to rebuild myself & earn money, but also to have the confidence in developing customer relationships. And now even gone a step further, I have started to write in Calligraphy print & a Creative art hobby class. 

Now what is 'Glitter Creations' all about ?
Glitter creations is where your gift art gets a makeover. Glitter in itself means being happy and giving things in life.  It is basically a business of handmade and Custom made products.  You can choose between the product style either or both in handmade or customized. Once you as a Customer makes the choice of handmade or Custom made items, we select your choice of the photos, logos,texts and process your order by printing it for a very affordable price. Moreover, I have been awarded a Certificate for Graphic design + Typography from California Institute of the Arts. So now you can also choose my graphic creations of logos and more. 

"Nature scarcely ever gives us the very best; for that we must have recourse to art ".
This bond between the artist, the artwork, and the viewer creates the possibility for a change. It is through this unity that a true movement impact can be created. I believe that creating a platform in which artists can both exhibit and write about their own work is what matters.

Thank you 

Namrata & lalit

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